Why Candidates Are Ghosting You The Employer

Yes, it’s not only a dating thing. Candidates are now ghosting employers. And, employers have been doing it for years. Remember that time you failed to get back to a candidate who didn’t meet your requirement – that was you ghosting.

Now, it’s a candidate job market and the table has turned. There are more available jobs, and candidates may not show up for interviews. Or, you may not get a response to your offer letter. In this post, you’ll learn why candidates are ghosting employers. Let’s dive in.  

5 Reasons Candidates Are Ghosting Employers

Outlined below are some of the reasons candidates may ghost you, and what to do to hire quality candidates.

1. Multiple interview rounds

So, you’re conducting several interview rounds to be absolutely sure that you’re hiring the best candidate. That’s okay. No company wants to waste money and time recruiting a bad hire.

But multiple interview rounds may cost you quality candidates. A hiring process that is too long can be exasperating. And, candidates will ghost you and move on to some other company. Or, they’ll just get tired and ignore you.

What to do: Streamline your interview process to conduct fewer interviews and hire a quality candidate before they ghost you.

2. Only salary offer

You’re offering a competitive salary, so candidates shouldn’t ghost you, right? Wrong. Candidates are looking for benefits other than an attractive salary. And, they may ghost you if you’re not offering things like work-from-home options and childcare support.  

Also, not all candidates ghost for better compensation after getting the offer. Some may do so even before coming in for the interview. Candidates often research the total compensation for a role before embarking on the hiring process.

What to do: Offer better benefits beyond an attractive salary to convince candidates to accept your offer.

3. Poor communication

Companies often neglect to communicate their hiring timelines with candidates. Many never inform candidates when they choose someone else to fill the role. And, some even stand them up for scheduled interviews.  

When communication is poor, candidates will ghost you. And, by the time you get around to contacting them, they’ve accepted another offer or canceled you and won’t bother to respond. It’s been a month since their last interview – can’t blame them for moving on.

What to do: Don’t be a ghost yourself, even to candidates who didn’t make the cut. Communicate with all candidates every step of the way during the hiring process.

4. No digital presence

When candidates are invited for interviews, they try to get more information about the company in preparation. And, if they can’t find enough information about your company online, they may ghost the interview.

Either because they think it’s a scam, or they become overwhelmed by their inability to get information that will help them prepare for the interview adequately.

What to do: Create a professional website and be active on social media to provide more information and give your business credibility.

5. Poor online reputation

Candidates often review a company’s reputation online before taking up an offer. They check Glassdoor and search LinkedIn for what former employees are saying about your company. And, if they find negative comments, they will ghost you.

What to do: Ensure that you have great reviews online. And, if there are unfavorable comments, respond without being combative.

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