Top Hiring Medical Jobs Spring 2021

Certified Medical Assistants- Certified medical assistants are in short supply in Atlanta’s medical industry. Medical Assistants must go through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies to have the qualifications necessary for the position, as well as an Associate’s degree in a medical field. Some skills that can make or break a certified medical assistant include: professionalism, verbal and written skills, and excellent customer service skills. Certified Medical Assistants in Atlanta make between 20 and 30 thousand annually. Some of Atlanta’s top medical practices and other healthcare facilities are in desperate need of certified medical assistants for more information go to;

Front desk director- Many practices in Atlanta are looking to hire front desk directors and associates with the shortage of healthcare workers post Covid-19. Though being head of the front desk may require up to 2 years of experience in the medical field or secretarial experience, many Atlanta practices are hiring and willing to train those with less or no experience. Front desk directors and associates in Atlanta make an average of 28 thousand annually according to . For more information go to;

Administrative Assistant- Atlanta’s medical industry has been struck hard by Covid-19 and with a shortage of medical and healthcare staff practices are in need of Administrative Assistants. The position requires little qualifications aside from a High School Diploma, although some employers prefer candidates with some experience in the medical field or an Associates Degree in the medical field. Administrative Assistants make around 30-40 thousand annually. For more information go to;

Collections Specialists- Collections Specialists don’t require many qualifications, although some employers may want a college degree or customer service experience. Collections specialists in the medical field make an average of 25-50 thousand annually depending on experience and degree level. For more information go to;

Certified Registered Nurses- Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Atlanta’s medical practices are in need of registered nurses. Registered nurses are required to have a bachelors degree in the nursing and to successfully complete the National Council Licensure Examination. Registered nurses work with patients to record vitals and temperatures and gather information and distributing medications to patients. In Atlanta the average annual salary for Certified Rn’s is 30-50 thousand based off of experience and education level. Find out more at;