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The Best Hires Might Not Have The Perfect Resume

In an ideal recruitment process, candidates with the perfect resumes would be the best hires. With their excellent education and remarkable experience, they would swoop in and get the job done.  

But, in the real world, the best hires might not have the perfect resume. Candidate B, who has a list of several odd jobs in Buckhead, may perform better on the job than candidate A who has worked in the most prestigious organizations in Atlanta.

Human resource expert, Regina Hartley, also shared this sentiment in her TED talk – Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume. In her talk, she categorized job seekers into silver spoons and scrappers.

Silver spoons are candidates with the most impressive resume and should ideally land the job. While scrappers are candidates whose resumes don’t fit the required template and must overcome huge obstacles to land the same gig.

Hartley advocates that candidates shouldn’t be interviewed based on their resumes only. She says that scrappers deserve to be interviewed despite their less-than-impressive resumes.

Reasons Scrappers Might Be The Best Hires

Just because a scrapper didn’t attend or finish college and has been job hopping doesn’t mean they won’t make the best hire. Here’s why scrappers may be the best hires, and you should consider interviewing them.

  • Scrappers are not shy to take on any task, even if it seems below their position. They’ll roll their sleeves, get in there and do the work.
  • Scrappers strive to improve themselves and put in the extra effort to succeed. They’ll work hard to beat the odds stacked against them.
  • Scrappers are resilient and driven to deliver results. They won’t give up easily in the face of adversity.

3 Tips For Recruiting Candidates Beyond Their Resume

There’s more to a candidate than what’s in their resume. Here are tips to help you look beyond the resumes and recruit the best hires.

1. Review skills

When reviewing resumes, look beyond educational credentials and job titles. Instead, pay attention to the skills the candidates possess. For instance, a candidate who has worked as a waitress would have great customer care skills. So, they may be the best hire for a front desk officer or receptionist position in your medical front office.

2. Conduct personality test

You can’t assess a candidate’s personality by reviewing resumes. So, include a personality test in your application to evaluate if a candidate will fit into your organization’s culture. The Myers-Briggs assessment is one of the best to try.

3. Look for potential

So, a candidate doesn’t have “relevant” education or industry experience? That doesn’t mean they won’t be a perfect fit. Look out for innate qualities the candidates possess that will give them the potential to be the best hire, such as being detail-oriented.

Bottom Line

Look beyond the perfect resume when recruiting. Candidates with less impressive resumes deserve an interview and may be the best hire. If you need help recruiting the best hires for your medical practice in Atlanta, contact us at RG Staffing today!