Pros of Returning to the office post COVID-19

2020 was the year our lives changed! Businesses, including those in the medical industry, had to move some operations online. Healthcare workers such as medical assistants, technicians, records managers, and even telehealth physicians and nurses worked from home. Now that things are gradually easing back to normal, you must be wondering if it makes sense to have these workers come back to the office. Here are some of the pros of returning to the office post COVID-19:

  • Improved teamwork and social interactions amongst workers
  • Increased motivation and energy levels amongst workers
  • Increased observation amongst employees and staff
  • Increased promotion possibilities
  • Better opportunities for employees and staff 

5 Benefits of Working from The Office Post COVID-19

As a medical facility in Atlanta, you should consider returning all your staff to the office post COVID-19 for the outlined benefits.

1.      Improved Teamwork and Social Interactions Amongst Workers

Yes, teamwork can be managed well when working remotely. However, it isn’t nearly as great as when you have your workers operating from a physical space with no communication barriers. Emailing, text messaging, and zoom calls are efficient. But your employees would do a better job when they are physically guided by managers or trainers.

Furthermore, during a survey of 1000 workers who transitioned to remote work during the lockdown, almost half confessed to missing their colleagues. Humans are social beings that thrive on social interactions, especially physically. So, having your employees return to the office post-COVID will foster a sense of trust and companionship that can improve productivity.

2.     Increased Motivation and Energy Levels Amongst Workers

During the lockdown, one reoccurring complaint amongst workers who had transitioned to remote work was a lack of motivation to work. Of course, the problem had its root in the psychological impacts of the isolation during the lockdown. It caused more employees to feel exceedingly lonely and anxious. Having your workers work and interact from a physical office can help lessen the psychological impacts that the lockdown may have had on their mental health, thereby increasing their energy and motivation levels.

3.     Increased Observation Amongst Employees and Staff

Many people who work remotely in Atlanta set home offices in corners of their living rooms. So, they live and work in the same surrounding, which may dull the mind from being observant. Seeing the same settings all hours of the day may cause employees to miss vital details. On the other hand, returning to the office offers a new surrounding that can stimulate more observation in your employees and staff.

4.     Increased Promotion Possibilities

For your medical workers, working from the offices places them at a better advantage at nailing a promotion. Working from the office fosters healthy competition amongst workers who are looking to be promoted. This is also great for your medical practice, as it stimulates your employees to put in their best job to stand out from their peers.

5.     Better Opportunities for Employees and Staff 

Returning to the workplace prompts more opportunities for employees and staff. The physical interaction enhances cross-departmental collaborations, which opens up unique opportunities to gain more knowledge on the job from colleagues and supervisors. So, they can sharpen their skills, grow professionally, and thus, be more competent in serving your business.

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