Pros of Remote Working

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, a growing number of businesses were already transitioning some of their employees into remote workers. Then, with the pandemic, remote working became the new normal. However, with lockdown lifted in the U.S. and businesses around Atlanta reopening, should your employees resume working in the office? Or, would continuous remote work be better for your medical facility and its productivity? To help you decide, here are some pros of having your workers work remotely:

  • Increased worker’s productivity
  • Safer environment
  • Better employee health and well-being
  • Reduced risk of contracting/spreading diseases:
  • Increased profit and cash flow

Top 5 Benefits of Working Remotely

Before you decide to return to the office post-COVID , consider the benefits of remote working outlined below.

1.      Increased Worker’s Productivity

Many business owners think having their workers work from home would harm their company’s productivity; research has shown it doesn’t. Contrary to popular opinion, workers who work from home spend more time working on their projects than they do sleeping, eating, or binge-watching their favorite TV shows.

On average, remote workers have been found to clock 1.4 days/month than their colleagues who do not work remotely. For context, this means remote workers clock in more than three additional weeks of work annually, unpaid. Plus, remote workers only got distracted 27 minutes per day, unlike their in-office counterparts who lost 37 minutes of worktime to distractions.  

2.     Safer Environment

Working in a physical space in Atlanta and other cities in America requires commuting for at least 30 minutes. Medical workers and other employees in Buckhead and Midtown either drive or are driven to work, which means lots of toxic substances are emitted into the environment. Remote working decreases the number of people who drive or take the bus, trains, and this is great for keeping the environment safer.

Furthermore, the cost implication of daily commute to and from work can be overwhelming for your workers, not to mention the cost of maintaining and repairing their vehicles. According to a study, the average remote worker saves more than $4,500 annually in fuel costs. Also, remote workers spend $4 less on their vehicles’ monthly maintenance costs than their in-office counterparts.

3.     Better Employee Health and Well-Being

Work-life balance is one phrase that more Americans look out for when seeking job opportunities. To help them achieve this, many talented Americans would rather work from home. So, if you want these talents, you should start making this provision.

According to a study that interviewed remote workers, many confirmed that they had extra free time for personal activity, which in no way affected their productivity negatively. On average, workers said they had an extra 17 days’ worth of free time. Some of this free time was used to improve their health and well-being by building better exercise habits and even meditating.

4.     Reduced Risk of Contracting/Spreading Diseases

Germs and pathogens spread quickly among people who live and work in close proximity. Offices are typically stuffed with people sharing an office space, making it easy to contract and spread diseases amongst each other. With the threat of the COVID-19 Virus still looming, it makes sense if your workers work remotely to flatten the disease curve further. Allowing your team to work remotely as much as possible can help stop the spread of COVID-19 between members of your staff and their families.

5.     Increased Profit and Cash Flow

The one goal of every business is to maximize profit, and having your workers work remotely is one way to do so. Employees such as front desk officers, technicians and medical assistants can easily work from home to cut costs on on-site business operations such as office space and supplies.  Estimates from the Global Workplace Analytics Telework Savings Calculator show that a single business could save up to $11,000 annually per remote employee who telecommutes 50% of the time. All of these can cause a significant improvement in your cash flow and profit without radically changing your structure or affecting your business activities. If you need help recruiting professional medical workers who can work effectively and efficiently remotely, contact us at RGStaffing.Net today!