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New Year, New Resolutions: In With Staff Retention, Out With Staff Resignation

Almost two years after Texas A&M’s Professor of Management predicted the “Great Resignation,” employers in Atlanta (and worldwide) are still struggling to recruit talent.

Now more than ever, employers must strive to retain talent as replacing a staff can cost up to 2 times their annual salary. Moreover, staff retention can boost employee morale and productivity.

So, as the new year begins, one of your resolutions should be to prevent staff resignation and improve staff retention. Continue reading to learn strategies that will help you retain top talents.

5 Strategies To Improve Staff Retention In Your Medical Practice

Staff retention can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Here are strategies to reduce staff resignation and increase staff retention this new year.

1. Higher pay

Yes, staff are resigning to take opportunities that offer additional benefits. Things like flexible work hours, work-from-home opportunities, health insurance and paid time off are attractive to staff.

However, with the great resignation, many medical practices now offer these additional benefits to attract top talents. Hence, offering higher pay will help you beat the competitor and retain your staff.

So, review your compensation packages to ensure that you’re offering a competitive salary in addition to all the other benefits. Nobody is going to turn down more money with similar benefits.

2. Management practices

Being unhappy with their manager or supervisor is one of the top reasons U.S. workers left their jobs in the last year. So, improving management practices can help with staff retention.

This means creating a positive, supportive and inclusive work environment for all staff, including assistants and front desk officers. Supervisors should also provide feedback, reward good performance and recognize staff effort.

3. Advancement opportunities

Staff may resign when they feel like their career is at a dead end. Providing opportunities for career advancement can help staff see a clear path to climbing the career ladder and improve staff retention.

You can do this by offering mentorship and paying for training and other forms of professional development. You may also create a succession or employee development plan for each position or staff.

4. Hybrid work environment

Post-pandemic, employees are prioritizing work-life balance above most other benefits. It’s no surprise that the most popular benefit employees seek is a hybrid or remote position, according to the Greenhouse 2021 Employer Hiring Sentiment Report.  

So, offering a hybrid work environment that alternates working from home and in-house can help you retain staff. A flexible workspace (link to the other article) can work well with a hybrid work environment. Staff can come in to work only on days you lease the workspace and work remotely on the other days.  

5. Staff satisfaction

Conducting a survey to evaluate staff satisfaction can help with staff retention. This way, you’ll identify and address any problems staff may have before they become major issues that lead to staff resignation.

You may conduct the survey in the form of interviews to ask what staff need to make their job more satisfying. However, ensure you don’t push too hard, and be open to honest feedback and suggestions.

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