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Is The Season For Remote Work Over?

Throwback to the season when most of the world didn’t have a choice but to work remotely. Employees enjoyed the benefits it brought – work-life balance, time spent with family, and no more long commutes. And, we all thought remote work it’s the new normal.

Today, companies are demanding that employees return to the office. And, at the forefront are the tech companies that previously championed remote work – Meta, Amazon, Google, and even Zoom. 

So, it’s logical to ask if the season of remote work is over. Are employees willing to return in-house? What other choice is there? In this post, we’ll answer these questions.

Is the season for remote work over?

Our answer is, “Not really.” 

Sure, more employers are asking employees to return in-house.  But, it’s still a candidates market and remote work opportunities are in high demand. Consequently, there are fewer remote work opportunities, but employers are experiencing staffing challenges. 

So, it looks like there’s an impasse. And, employers and employees would have to find a balance that would create a thriving environment for everyone. And this brings us to the other choice.

So, what other choice is there?

We get it! It makes sense for medical practices to want to return fully in-house. In-person interactions and collaborations are crucial in the medical field. However, with e-health and telemedicine, medical personnel can work remotely.

So, if you run a medical practice in Atlanta (or you’re a medical personnel), you should consider the other choice, which involves a little bit of remote work and a little bit of in-house work. And, it’s called hybrid work.

What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is a blend of remote work and in-house work. It’s a working arrangement in which your medical employees will work from home on some days and work in the medical practice on other days.

It’s a middle ground that balances employers’ in-house demands and employees’ remote work needs. In fact, 4 out of 10 companies are already using the hybrid model. Here are some benefits of hybrid work for both parties.

  • Medical personnel will enjoy a better work-life balance, as they get to spend some days working remotely.
  • Commute days and expenses will reduce significantly compared to when employees have to work in the medical practice every day.
  • Medical practices offering a hybrid work model will attract and hire top talents, including RNs, technicians, and medical assistants.
  • The cost of running a med such as office space, utilities, and maintenance is reduced significantly.
  • Employees have higher job satisfaction than working in-house and so are more engaged and productive.

So, to answer the question again…

The season for remote work isn’t over. But, it would likely evolve into hybrid work which balances remote work and in-house work. So, as a medical practice or personnel, instead of offering in-house work or seeking remote work opportunities, you may want to consider hybrid work.

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