How Medical Practice in Atlanta can attract new Tallent

How Medical Practices Can Attract New Talent Post COVID-19

Events in the year 2020 have changed everything! Recruitment processes are no longer business as usual. The pandemic has given more people a chance to think more about their life and career choices. Potential employees are now asking themselves tough questions about their roles, purpose, and direction career-wise, and won’t merely settle for any job that comes along.

Therefore, as a medical practice, you have to re-strategize your hiring processes to attract the best talents, post COVID-19. Here are six ways you can get your recruitment right.

1.     Be Creative with Job Titles

A creative and compelling job title can be very attractive to potential employees. More people would apply for a job with a title such as “front desk executive” instead of “receptionist,” even though the job descriptions are the same.

2.    Speed Up Hiring Process

As Buckhead, Midtown, and other places in Metro Atlanta are beginning to open up, there’s stiff competition for the best talents. If you are recruiting for positions of Assistants and Technicians that are highly sought after, you should not waste extra time on the hiring process. While you are stalling and over-analyzing resumes, these talents are getting hired elsewhere. You can leverage technologies such as Zoom or Google Meet to host virtual interviews, which are more convenient in these times.

3.    Offer Attractive Wages and Bonuses

With the coronavirus disease crisis, many people do not want to come back to work yet; high wages and bonuses can motivate them. If you can afford to attach a sign-on bonus for highly demanded talents, you will attract more people for the role.

4.    Provide A Positive Work Environment

The last thing anyone who has survived the pandemic wants now is a hostile work environment. According to research, the connection people feel at work is more important than how much they earn. For potential employees, show them that their work and contribution will be valued and appreciated. You can take it a step further by providing flexible work hours, options to work remotely sometimes, childcare assistance, and healthcare incentives. You can state this in your job advertisements to encourage more people to apply.

5.    Create a Stable and Sustainable Work Environment

The pandemic saw many people get laid-off or furloughed. If these people want to get back to the job market, they want to be sure the company isn’t one that would send them packing at the first sign of trouble. You have to make potential employees see that your medical practice is stable financially, physically, and otherwise to get them aboard.

6.    Make Your Vision Clear

Where is your company headed? People want a sense of direction and purpose. When you do not have a clear-cut vision for your organization, you lose out on great talents. Many people want to be part of a vision that is bigger than them, and if your company offers such a vision, irrespective of the pay/bonuses, they will join your team.

A business is only as good as its best people. Hence, go ahead and implement these tips so you don’t want to miss out on hiring new talents that can contribute to the progress of your medical practice post COVID-19. If you need help streamlining your recruitment process and attracting the best talents, you can reach out to us at RG Staffing Resources today!