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How Employees Are Experiencing Work After 2 Years of COVID-19

Two years down the line and our work lives haven’t still gone back to how they were pre-pandemic. In fact, it looks like the shift in work patterns are here to stay. Employees have discovered new ways to experience work, such as working remotely, and are reluctant to return to the old ways.  

So, to keep talents at your healthcare facility, you must be able to provide these new preferences or adjust your workforce model to accommodate them. Continue reading to learn about the changes experienced in the labor market in the past two years.

Top 3 Changes Experienced in The Labor Market Due To The Pandemic

Several changes have occurred in the labor market due to the pandemic, from having to pivot to remote work to massive job loss and now to a candidate job market. Outlined below are the top three things that have changed how people experience work today.  

1. Change in Work Location

The pre-pandemic work location was centered in the office. Workers were required to perform their duties in-office every workday. This also meant dealing with unnecessary mundane office tasks and engaging in office politics.

Today, most employees prefer to work from home or do a hybrid work pattern, even though they can now go back to working in the office. Hence, employers are forced to revise their work culture to allow flexible work schedules, which has led to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

2. Awareness of Work-Life Balance.

At the height of the pandemic, employees were faced with the fragility of life and how they had been neglecting other aspects of their lives. They became aware of how they’ve been neglecting their health and family, and began to reevaluate their priorities.

Today, employees willingly quit their jobs to seek less stressful or more rewarding opportunities. Thus, employers are offering flexible work hours and prioritizing employees’ physical and mental health to retain top talents.

3. Demand for Employer Accountability

Previously, employees were reluctant to hold employers accountable for fear of losing their job. They had to endure strenuous work conditions, bad bosses, and toxic work environments without complaints.

Due to the pandemic, it’s a candidate job market, and employees have more leverage. So, they can demand accountability from employers. Hence, organizations are improving their company values and addressing employees’ concerns.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people experience work. It allowed employees to find new ways to work while prioritizing themselves. Hence, as an employer, you must adjust to these changes to attract and retain top talents in your health facility.