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How Employee Recognition Can Improve Your Medical Practice

So, your medical practice’s back office and front office are doing exceptional. All thanks to the amazing top talents making sure everything runs smoothly. But, do you have an employee recognition program that appreciates them for a job well done? In this post, you’ll learn how recognizing your employees and showing appreciation can improve your medical practice.

What is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition encompasses how you appreciate your employees for their contribution to your organization’s success. This includes appreciating them for how they carry out their jobs, their interaction with clients and colleagues, their years of committed service, etc.

The Importance of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition makes employees feel valued, boosts morale and encourages them and others to perform better. In fact, 7 out of 10 employees in a study reported that they would be motivated to work harder if there’s a possibility of being recognized for their efforts.

Employee recognition also helps enhance employee engagement. That is, it enables your employees to be more committed to your company’s success. A 2019 Report found that 8 out of 10 highly engaged employees got some form of recognition the last time they performed great at their job.

Furthermore, employee recognition makes employees feel happier and satisfied with their jobs. 82% of SurveyMonkey Audience surveyed report that they feel happier when they are recognized at work. Hence, employee recognition helps you retain top talents, as happy and satisfied employees are less likely to leave.

5 Tips For Creating An Employee Recognition Program

Here are some tips to help you create an employee recognition program that will make employees feel appreciated, motivate better performance, and retain top talents.

1. Recognize Employees For Specific Achievements

Be specific about the performance you want to appreciate an employee for. Whether it’s for their extra effort or for accomplishing a goal, or even for their punctuality, state exactly why you’re recognizing them. This will make it easier for everyone to link the recognition to the achievement.

For instance, don’t just recognize an employee for best performance. Be specific about the performance. Did your medical front office staff get more clients to book an appointment at your facility? Or, a billing and coding staff was able to recover more outstanding medical bills?

2. Appreciate Employees On Time

When employees perform exceptionally well, recognize them for their achievement as quickly as possible. Don’t wait until the end of the year to recognize them for it. While having a specific time to recognize employees isn’t a bad idea, recognizing employees soon after their accomplishment is more motivating.

3. Offer Variety of Rewards

Bonuses and raises are one of the best ways to reward your employees when recognizing them for their efforts and achievement. Still, cash isn’t the only way to reward your employees. You should offer a variety of rewards that reflect the level of achievement.

Consider other rewards, such as taking them out to dinner, offering gift cards and movie tickets, and presenting a special appreciation letter from the CEO. You can also announce their achievements on your social media pages or share them in your monthly newsletter.

4. Recognize Employee For The Little Things Too

Don’t wait until something major happens. Recognize employees for their achievements, no matter how little. Simply saying thank you for a job well done to all your employees daily will make them feel seen and recognized. You can also leave a sticky note saying “thank you” on employees’ desks when they go the extra mile to get their jobs done.

5. Encourage Peer Appreciation

Employee recognition shouldn’t have to come from top to bottom. Encourage your employees to recognize the efforts of their colleagues in their accomplishments. For instance, a surgeon may appreciate other medical personnel who contributed to a successful medical operation.