Athletic Trainer Working With Patient

Certified Athletic Trainers

Athletic Trainers work with patients who have had surgeries or injuries that require physical training as part of the healing process, here are some of the daily tasks and responsibilities of a certified athletic trainer, as well as the requirements for the position, and skills to look for in candidates.

  1. Tasks and Responsibilities

Evaluating and documenting the injuries of patients upon intake. Monitor patients during treatments. Teach exercises to patients for treatment in-house or at home. Interact with patients to help them feel motivated, secure, and confident. Identify patients’ goals and help them create a plan to achieving them. Travel to hospital, rehab center and patients’ homes when necessary. Assisting physical and occupational therapists with devising Care Plans for patients. Preparing and processing paperwork for physicians and insurance companies.

  • Requirements

It is important when hiring for Certified Athletic trainers that you choose the most qualified candidate to ensure success in your medical practice. Here are the requirements for the position; Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training + Current NATA certification + 1 or more years’ experience + CPR and first aid certification a must. Must be CERTIFIED.

  • Skills and Characteristics to look for in candidates

Trainers must be able to physically assist patients with mobility issues and injuries. Trainers must also know when to push and stop patient’s treatment plans according to their progress. Sympathy and Empathy as well as interpersonal skills are used when communicating and working with patients during their treatments, as well as communication with medical staff and physicians to assess and discuss patient progress.  

Salary: $32,000-$76,000 Annually (,7_IM52_KO8,24.htm) $19/Hourly.

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