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Millennials: What They Value In Your Medical Practice.

The bulk of the workers in the medical field at the moment are mostly millennials. From the front desk officials to nurses, doctors, technicians, and their assistants, the number of millennials keeps rising. Thus, chances are that you have a fair share of them in your medical practice, or you’re looking to hire them.

To attract the attention, and get the best out of millennial medics, you have to provide an environment that suits their innermost cravings. Generational gaps do not only play out in ideologies, but they are also found in the workplace. You can’t get the average millennial to work with you if you are stuck up with structures for people from the boomer generation. The big question therefore is, what do millennials value in medical practices these days? Below are the answers you seek:

1.      Flexible Working Hours

Millennials are continually talking about the need for a work-life balance, unlike previous generations who didn’t mind extra hours if the pay was right. In this age, many millennials work remotely. However, millennials who are in the medical line with a premium placed on their presence still get to work traditionally, and are only asking for more flexible time. Hence, most millennial medics are drawn to medical practices that provide lighter shifts, so that they can afford more time for friends, family, and hobbies.

2.     Level of Technological Advancement

Millennials are a enamored by technology. You see it in the way they hold their phones and tablets. They rely heavily on digital technology and naturally gravitate towards organizations with a lot of technological advancement. For instance, in Atlanta, Emory University Hospital is ranked as number one, and amongst other things, technological advancement is a pivotal contributor to the rank.

3.     Communication

Communication is vital for millennials. They usually respond positively to talks and speeches, rather than orders. The top-down system does not seem to be favorable when millennials are your employees. They typically require hands-on involvement and directions. Therefore, a feedback system, where they can give opinions on how they feel about working in your medical practice and what they think should be addressed, would get the best out of them.

4.    Career Growth

This is the only thing that hasn’t changed as the years have rolled past. Millennials from Midtown to Buckhead and all of Atlanta all want to work in a facility that offers them the opportunity to grow career-wise. Many millennials do not settle for jobs where they intend to work all their lives, and if they must stay put, then there has to be the possibility of career growth.

5.     Connectivity

Many millennials long for connections. The cut-throat competition that was favored by their predecessors is mostly despised. Organizations that encourage teamwork have been shown to be more appealing to millennials.

6.    Personable Superiors

The last point is the character and politeness of the management and senior medical staff towards millennials, the senior staff, and the administration should be personable. Millennials prefer their superiors easy to relate with, and they perform better when their superiors aren’t distant authoritative figures but are more like mentors – mentors who are looking out for them, rooting for them, and committing to their successes.

If you put all of these things in place in your medical practice, you will definitely attract the best millennial medical job candidates as well as keep them working in your facility for a long time. If you need help recruiting millennials for your medical practice, you can reach out to us at RG Staffing Resources today!