IS TECHNOLOGY REALLY IMPROVING THE HIRING PROCESS? Five reasons employers should abandon DIY recruiting.

Finding and hiring the right employees has never been, and never will be, easy. Online job boards and social media have changed how we recruit and select talent. But unfortunately, it hasn’t done anything to make the process more efficient or the outcomes more accurate.

Do recruiters enjoy job security?

It’s true that technology has eliminated the need for certain jobs, but no recruiting platform will drive top-notch, independent recruiters into extinction. Why? Because processing hundreds of resumes for an entry or mid-level administrative job is madness. No employer has time to sort through that many applicants. Or, at least not those who want to run a successful business.

Tasked with finding a perfect fit within days after the DIY approach has produced poor results, I sometimes wish I could tell my clients how much frustration and disappointment I could have saved them if only they would have come to me sooner.

With so many online job boards, job fairs, LinkedIn and employee referral programs, some employers see the independent recruiter’s fee as not necessary. But, what’s your time worth?

Here are the five most important reasons nearly every employer should have a shortlist of recruiters to rely on.

  1. Recruiters are not human resource or hiring managers. Independent recruiters are motivated to find the perfect candidate quickly. It is always our goal to find the right candidate, both in terms of skill and culture.
  2. Recruiters find better people, not low hanging fruit. Passive candidates are the people you most often want to hire. Yes, there are some great job hunters out there, but those should be considered the exception to the rule. Recruiters maintain strong relationships with the best talent who never log time on the job boards.
  3. Recruiters often sell your company better. We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of position descriptions and job ads for your particular industry. We know how to make a company stand out so that it attracts the interest of highly desirable candidates. Recruiters can also advise you on the latest compensation requirements and better overcome any potential objections such as location, hours or poor online reviews about your company.
  4. Recruiters save you money. How much time do you want your senior leadership to spend reading hundreds of resumes? What’s the opportunity cost? What revenue aren’t they bringing in at the moment? Just wonder for a moment, if a recruiter can fill the open position in half the time and guarantee the candidate, do the fees really seem all that high?
  5. Recruiters fill jobs faster. Recruiters have spent their entire career nurturing the best local talent. For me, that’s in Atlanta. And, it’s specifically administrative, front and back office and marketing talent for Atlanta-based companies, medical practices and law firms. This means that I often fill jobs in days versus weeks, which allows your business to run at peak efficiency sooner.

You know that old adage about when you love what you do; you’ll never work a day in your life? That’s me. I love what I do. I enjoy helping employers find the right talent, celebrating their growth and just taking a collective deep breath knowing the position is filled with a star.

Still not sure using an independent recruiter is right for your company? What do you really have to lose?

Not much.

So instead, ask yourself, “What do I stand to gain?“


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