How To Screen Your Medical Practice Staff To Ensure Safety For Everyone

So, you’ve put in place the safety measures to protect your medical practice staff from getting COVID-19 as they attend to patients who may or may not be infected. That’s a significant step in preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease. However, you also have to put screening protocols in place to quickly identify staff who may have caught the virus.

3 Ways To Screen Medical Practice Staff For COVID-19

The coronavirus diseases, if not detected early, can lead to a wide spread of the disease. Here are three ways to screen your medical practice staff for COVID-19 and limit the spread to patients and other staff.

1.      Conduct Weekly COVID Tests

Staff of medical practices are on the frontline of caring for patients who may have COVID-19. Therefore, there’s an increased chance that your staff would be infected. Carrying out weekly or bi-weekly COVID-19 tests will help find the staff that have gotten the disease and are not showing symptoms yet…or at all. The test should also be conducted on all staff who have been exposed to a patient confirmed to have the virus.

2.     Take Temperature Daily

Fever is one of the key symptoms of the coronavirus disease, and a high temperature above 38C is consequently a sign of the disease. So, taking your staff’s temperature daily is a vital way to screen for those who may have COVID-19. However, ensure that you use a contactless thermometer to take their temperature. You can also install a temperature sensing camera in your practice to automatically check for temperature as staff (and even patients) walk by it.

3.     Encourage Self-Assessment

As medical professionals, your staff can quickly identify the symptoms of COVID-19. Thus, you should ask all staff to self-assess themselves daily, and report immediately if they feel ill or think they may have caught the virus. You can remind your staff to self-assess through text messages. Also, make it clear that staff who discover a symptom during self-assessment at home need not come to work, but should self-isolate at home.

In addition to these screening measures, ensure proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as protective masks and gloves by all staff. Also, adhere to the CDC safety guidelines to minimize the chances of exposure to possible COVID-19 patients. Furthermore, you should hire and dedicate some staff for screening the rest of your medical practice staff to make the process easier and safer for everyone.