How To Keep Valuable Members On Your Team

On your team, some members are valuable, almost irreplaceable, and you are not the only one who see them and the potentials they possess. These team members are in high demand by other firms, and those firms would probably give an arm and a leg to have them on board.

Knowing the above realities, you start to ask yourself, how do you keep valuable members on your team, away from the clutches of desperate poachers? Here are some things you can do to keep valuable members of your team on board for almost forever.

1.      Create a Friendly Work Environment

From Buckhead to Midtown to other parts of Atlanta and the whole of the USA, people are quitting their jobs, and it is not uncommon to hear them attribute their decision to the workplace environment. As much as possible, create a great work environment for your team members and employees. The office is where they spend most of their time; they shouldn’t have to get scared or irritated when they think of resuming work on Mondays.

2.     Provide Better Incentives and Compensation

The most common reason people quit their jobs is due to the compensation they receive. A study in 2019 revealed that employers are often willing to offer a 15% raise for new employees, but will grudgingly approve a 3% raise for old employees. This is quite low and will cause valuable team members to jump ship. People want more money, bonuses, and perks, and will go anywhere they are provided with more.

3.     Provide Career Growth Opportunities

Individuals can get tired of the routine and decide to want to try out new things; you should give them the opportunity they seek. Provide training on the use of new technologies, out of state training, loans for further studies, and anything that will see that your team members grow their career lives. 

4.    Validate Team Members and Their Work

According to research, 90% of individuals who have never contemplated quitting their jobs attribute this to the validation they get on the job. Humans want to be appreciated and seen so, the next time your team member gets something right, appreciate them and let them know they are valued.

5.     Respect Your Team Members

Try to understand  your team members. You do not know everything, be open to learning from them, and change where it is necessary. As a doctor, you may have nurses, technicians, and assistants on your team, and it is easy to think you are the most important person in the room – Don’t. Allow everyone space to be great; space to do their own thing the way they know how to do it best. Stop looking over their shoulders, and micromanaging them.

6.    Create Better Policies

What policy are your team members looking to change? Is it possible for you to add those policies? Policies such as more extended maternity/paternity leave or more days to work remotely are policies that would keep your valuable team members away from poachers.

Your team is as great as the people that make it up. You’ll agree that finding the right members for your organization is an arduous task, and with these tips, you don’t have to lose them to your competitors. You can contact us at RG Staffing for more tips on how to ensure your valuable members remain on your team.