Wearing masks in the workplace encourages safety

Health and Wellbeing in The Workplace

According to the CDC, over 400 thousand cases of COVID-19 among healthcare workers have been recorded in the U.S. as of 22nd February 2021.  This means that as a medical practice in Atlanta, you have most likely lost one of your medical staff to COVID-19 (either to death or being unable to work). One keyway to prevent more losses and keep your health practice running smoothly is to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. In this post, we will explore the different ways to maintain your medical staff’s health, despite the pandemic.

4 Ways To Promote The Health & Wellbeing of Your Medical Staff

Your medical staff’s health and wellbeing is crucial, as it directly affects their ability to provide quality service to your patients. Outlined below are some of the ways to maintain good health in your Atlanta medical practice.

1.      More Frequent Short Breaks

Normally, healthcare professionals work longer hours than most other workers. Now, with COVID-19, the hours are even longer, as much more work is required to stay on top of the pandemic situation. However, working non-stop or with a little break is a recipe for medical staff to get burnout and break down physically and mentally.  So, besides giving your medical staff more off hours/days, you should include more short breaks in their schedule. This will enable them to get away from the hospital and take a breather. You can also provide a room where they can catch some shut eye, read a book, or just relax for a couple of hours.

2.     Adequate Protective Gear & Supplies

Medical staff are at high risk of exposure to COVID-19, as they work daily with patients who may or may not have the virus. Hence, providing adequate PPE, such as masks, gloves, coveralls, goggles, and face shields is essential for protecting your medical staff’s health. This is important to maintain constant quality patient care and keep your medical practice open. Imagine if one of your medical staff tests positive for COVID-19. You won’t only be losing that staff member; you’ll also have to test all staff in your facility and even quarantine those who were in close contact with the infected, thereby resulting in more staff out of commission and costing your business time and resources.

3.     Proper Training of Staff

COVID-19 protocols may be second nature to doctors and nurses, but what about other medical staff, such as admin staff and cleaners? You need to professionally train all staff in your medical practice to ensure complete compliance. Also, new discoveries about COVID-19 are arising almost daily. So, it’s important that you get up-to-date safety measures from the CDC and the WHO, and implement them in your medical practice. Furthermore, you should organize health promotion training to encourage your medical staff to make healthy choices to improve their health and wellbeing. This includes eating healthy snacks, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and remembering to have breakfast/lunch.

4.     Proper Staffing

Proper staffing ensures that you have an adequate number of medical staff and hire qualified professionals for each role. This is important because inadequate and unqualified medical staff overburdens your employees. Thus, having more qualified employees to handle your medical practice workload helps promote health and wellbeing.  Through proper staffing with the help of RGStaffing.Net, you can ensure that you hire the right healthcare professional for the right position. Whether your medical practice is in Midtown Atlanta, Johns Creek or Buckhead, we can help find more staff for your medical practice.